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We play a role in leaving unforgettable memories. You will find on our new web page complete information about inventory we rent and a gallery of successful projects. Use your computer, tablet or smartphone to collect ideas.

Exuberant ideas are our passion.

The action at Simple Session will be talked about for a whole year and not only in Estonia. Solving the idea of a skate park gives our team such an amount of adrenaline that several nights’ sleep may become an adventure. Erecting the stages for the Weekend Festival Baltic created a newsfeed of its own long before the festival began and generated excitement even without the artists. These are only some of the projects we work with every day. Exuberant ideas transform our working days into an event.

But the spectators will be impressed for the whole year, perhaps even the whole life; let’s create these memories together!

Stages for the performers, grandstands for the spectators

We rent stages for concerts, plays and fashion shows; tents and furniture for exhibitions, presentations, customer events and sales pavilions. We erect grandstands with stairs, roofs, safe paths and comfortable and impressive seats for spectators; the possibilities of the German grandstand manufacturer Layher are endless. We assemble structures for advertising, but also podiums and ski jump towers.

We turn ideas into actual solutions. We design drawings, models and previews for smooth subsequent organising.

We also sell impressive starshades—these together with printed company logos differ from others and stand out far in an exhibition or fair.

Discover more on our web page and contact us.